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Developing sustainable plant growing solutions together
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We aims to minimize environmental pollution, pay reasonable wages to local producers, and establish a sustainable economic system through an eco-friendly product production process.


We aims to create the most advanced Coir (Cocopeat) solutions for growers worldwide, allowing our customers to achieve high yield, excellent quality, and increased profitability.


We provides the best solution customers need by adjusting the product supply format and product quality according to their requirements.

Types of solutions provided by FarmersOrigin

From the ground up, we carry a wide variety of grow media. Whether you are a home grower or commercial, we are sure to a solution for your growing needs. Not sure what you are looking for? Have a question, concern or just need to talk to someone?
Message us through our instant chat, email : or Give us a call: +1 812 785 8480


Coir Pellets 

OpenTop Bag

Growing Blocks

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